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Over 6 months later!

By on 29th January 2018
Finally a blog post, after over 6 months of nothing. I'm sorry, it's just been busy.. here's the latest!
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Something New and Exciting!

By on 30th June 2017
It's been months since I last provided you guys with an update! Sorry about that, here's everything I've been doing over the past few months!
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Avoid Bad Modelling Contracts

By on 26th February 2017
Entering the world of modelling can be exciting and being approached or accepted into an agency can seem like the start of a successful career, but that's not always the case. This article explains more.
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Photo Magic!

By on 15th December 2016
There are many people that manipulate photos to get the desired result... but is it the right thing to do? Here's what I think!
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My Untold Experience

By on 15th August 2016
For 4 days, Cluj-Napoca was transformed into the Capital of Night and Magic with Untold Festival. Here's my experience as a photographer for this awesome event!
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Beware of the Perverts!

By on 14th June 2016
Photographers are turning up everywhere these days! How to you know who's the pros and who's perverts?
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By on 1st May 2016
It seems that every year always has something amazing to remember, this April was one that I will never forget!
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So What’s New?

By on 12th March 2016
So.. New Job, New Camera, Work Featured in a Mall, New Shoots.. So far this year is pretty neat!...
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Editing.. Is it okay? Should I be ashamed?

By on 10th January 2016
Is it fair to say that editing and retouching your photos is cheating? Is editing really necessary and why are so many people ashamed or hide this?
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Untold Festival 2015

By on 5th August 2015
What an amazing event. I cannot even put into words how incredible this experience was and I only worked 1 day of the 4 that it was hosted! Cannot wait for next year!