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Beware of the Perverts!

By on 14th June 2016
Photographers are turning up everywhere these days! How to you know who's the pros and who's perverts?
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So What’s New?

By on 12th March 2016
So.. New Job, New Camera, Work Featured in a Mall, New Shoots.. So far this year is pretty neat!...
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Take Me to Church

By on 18th July 2015
A photo shoot with Amy Harper in one of the UK's most important Grade 1 listed buildings in which an entire religious movement was started. Read the story here.
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Mother & Baby Unit

By on 17th July 2015
Mother & Baby Unit - The Concept and Creation Fen Clarke’s Barrow Gurney Shoot. Shot in Bristol, United Kingdom 11/02.2013
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Yesterday and Today

By on 1st April 2015

So! It’s now officially April! – I totally forgot about April fools day until a friend sent me a message that seemed as though my account had been credited…

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Welcome to My Blog

By on 24th March 2015
Welcome to my new blog! In this entry, I explain my past and how I managed to get into photography and details about how it grew from a little hobby to the brand that it is now!