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By on 1st May 2016
It seems that every year always has something amazing to remember, this April was one that I will never forget!
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Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice

By on 10th June 2015

Well, Summer is finally here! It’s taken long enough.. I was actually beginning to worry that it would never come, but here it is. Almost as if it started…

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Great Photos vs Bad Images

By on 22nd May 2015
What makes a "Great Photo" and what exactly is a "Bad Image"? Aaron Roberts discusses his personal opinion about what makes what in this interesting post.
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Progress is Progress

By on 8th April 2015

So!! It’s been a very busy for me since my last post.. I’m pretty happy with myself as I’ve managed to achieve a whole bunch of things.

So from the…

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Welcome to My Blog

By on 24th March 2015
Welcome to my new blog! In this entry, I explain my past and how I managed to get into photography and details about how it grew from a little hobby to the brand that it is now!