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After checking out he R.I.P – Colectiv Facebook page, I can’t help but feel that it’s only in times of tragedy do we stop to think of how we act and how our actions affect those around us.

So many innocent and beautiful people lost their lives at what should have been a fantastic and entertaining event.. but it turned bad and the toll of those claimed continues to rise..

It’s a horrible reminder that life is so precious and can be taken at any moment for any of us, even you. People often don’t think that their lives could end right now.. Unfortunately I know all too well how it is to lose people that you love and care about, and I am sure so many of you do too but such sad events should allow us to wake up and start doing things to show those who we care about that we respect them and that they mean something to us.. to do something a little selfless and just for the sake of other people…

I was on the bus that same night heading to go out for a meal with my lady friend when I realised that I had lost or left my ticket somewhere, frantically began searching my pockets and wallet to double check but could not find it. Some people stay on the bus without paying for a ticket but you can be checked and fined if you don’t so obviously I felt quite bad.

Then, out of nowhere, a rather kind looking guy came up to me as he was approaching the exit of the bus and handed me his ticket… that simple act of kindness really made me appreciate the little things that people can do just to make us feel better.

It might only seem like something very small and sure, maybe you can argue that he was getting off of the bus anyway.. but it still mattered.

I said to my companion, “when you think about it… that guy is now feeling quite happy that he done such a helpful thing for someone he has never met before.. and I’m feeling great too, so why don’t people do things like this all of the time? Everyone would be so much happier!”

The more I think about that, the more valid it is.. I mean, honestly, why don’t we continue to do things every day that make ourselves and others happier.. we would all live much better and fuller lives and taking into consideration the absolutely tragic events that happened that same night, it’s a strong reminder that life is so short and precious.

I think everyone forgets, even me, that life can be taken from us or the ones we care about right now, right as you are reading this post.. your life could end.. so many people say it won’t happen to me.. or we feel fortunate that it didn’t happen to us, but one day it might.. one day it might just end or your best friend.. or your family member.

Did you stop to tell your mother the last time you spoke with her that you loved her and goodnight? I know I did, and that was the night my mother died after just a few hours very unexpectedly.. I can really say that the fact that I made effort to tell her I loved her and said goodnight to her has been one of the only things to give me comfort about losing her.. these things make a difference.. they might not seem like a big deal right now, but when it’s too late.. it’s the one thing you’d wish you’d done more of.

So as a closing note, I truly feel for those people who have been affected by the terrible accident at Club Colectiv in Bucharest, no amount of anything will fill that void in your life but I hope that you can all hold your head up and pull through to be strong.

As for the rest, even if you were not affected by the event or you have no idea what this is about, all of the above still matters.. Tell the people you care about and who care about you that they mean something to you and make sure you do something every single day to better the lives of others, even in a small way… it will make the biggest difference.


3rd November 2015