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Aaron Roberts - Photographer - Cluj-Napoca
Aaron Roberts - Photographer - Cluj-Napoca
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12th February 2016

Day 2 – Feels like “The End”

Thanks VERY much to those who gave me tips, advice and reached out following yesterday’s news. It’s much appreciated and it’s also very nice to know that there are quite a few people that are engaging with my blog and genuinely care!

So, I must admit, last night I was feeling pretty down about the whole situation. I’d just gone from being quite comfortable about where I was going with my life to suddenly not really knowing anything.

I applied for quite a few different positions in areas that I genuinely wanted to work or already have a wealth of experience in and one company called me the same day, but it was for a Romanian speaking job offer, somehow I think maybe they didn’t read my job request fully, you know.. being English and not knowing much Romanian etc.

Apple was my first employer and I learned a lot about customer service working for them.

Apple was my first employer and I learned a lot about customer service working for them.

I did receive some advice that I should learn Romanian and this is something I DEFINITELY know I need to do.. if anyone wants to help me out.. give me a shout, I’d love it!

After waking up this morning, I thought I’d check my emails to see whether I’d received any responses or not… sadly not, just a few auto responders and one e-mail from my previous manager asking for me to send Usernames and Passwords for the various web services I had created over the past year and he also asked me how the job hunt was going, obviously with less than 24 hour having passed, needless to say my response was less than shocking when I explained that it was going to be tough for me to find a way to cope if I don’t manage to find a job within the next 2 weeks or so.

I also received a few phone calls from friends over the course of the morning for just general conversation and obviously every single time the phone rang, I got excited just in case it was a company calling.

By about 1pm, I was still feeling pretty lazy so I got out of bed… yes, I was still in bed.. browsing the web, seeking jobs etc. Until at around 2, I received a call from a number unknown to me.. picked it up and it was a screening call regarding one of my applications.

Obviously I was quite shocked but equally delighted that within less than 24 hours, I’d already received a phone call about a new job.. especially considering that just a few hours before I was beginning to worry about how I will make ends meet by the end of the month.

I won’t mention the company as I prefer not to make that public just now.. but it was definitely one of my preferred employers from the applications that I had sent.

Next thing I know, I receive another phone call, this time from the HR department of the company I’d just spoken with asking me if I’d be available for an interview.. well I’m unemployed so I’m more than available. At 4:30 I was visiting the beautifully constructed “TheOffice” complex in the Marasti area of Cluj-Napoca.


Really a magnificent building, it’s one of the reasons I love Romania.. this is a country that is growing upwards and outwards every single year.. and Cluj especially is an amazing place for technology companies to start up or expand into due to the incredible talent that this country has to offer!

So, I met a few members of the team and the interview started… it lasted a couple of hours as I actually managed to complete all of the interview steps in the same visit, stage 1 and stage 2 which involved a phone call overseas to some of the other management team where they asked me general questions about my life and my “story”.. which seemed to be quite entertaining considering all of the interesting things I have achieved in the past few years.

Before I know it, I’m being offered a job. I kid you not.. Less than 24 hours has passed since the other company decided it was going to cease to exist, I have been offered a job in a higher paid position than what I was previously with lots of great company benefits.. needless to say in a beautiful, cutting-edge office space… I managed to even get lost in the elevator.. (how do you get lost in an elevator… well I managed it).

So, this is Day 2.. No longer unemployed.. I will start at the end of the month. Magic really.. but I still have a whole bunch of things I need to sort between then and now as I was planning to obtain a loan for the purchasing of a new camera.. that’s something I cannot do now due to the lack of “employment” and the fact I’ll be starting in the new company and won’t have enough employment period to apply… god knows how I’ll manage this.. 4,000 lei isn’t TOO much money… but it’s a lot to spend all at once.. especially when you don’t have it!

Well, I am going to wrap up this blog post now and just thank those again who have gave me words of encouragement and advice! All words have been received well and I’m pleased to finally be back on track! So.. 2016 has been good to me so far :P! Let’s see where this adventure takes me!

Thanks for reading!

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