First Day on the Job

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So! I have now officially started my new job as a Digital Design Manager and so far I must say I love it.

It’s nice to think that my work and design experience will go towards something more than just my photography now and it feels great to be paid for something that I genuinely enjoy doing. I cannot wait to see how this evolves!

Over this weekend I managed to update a few things on my website, had my head buried in test e-mails and god knows what else trying to get my new Portrait reservation system to work on the site.. Pleased to say that it worked out pretty good and so far seems to be operating correctly!


There’s a few little tweaks that I will perform to make it look a bit better but it’s good to finally be automating the booking process.

Once I have ironed out a few more creases, I will be doing the same for Event Bookings and other services.. but that’s going to be some time until those are set up.

In other news,  I had a nice shoot not so long ago with a colleague from my previous workplace, Alexandra, and so on Saturday I edited a bunch of those photos and uploaded them to the site. Gotta say, they’re looking pretty good and certainly interested in working with her again in the future!

Hopefully you’re able to see the posts and feel free to check out any of the other work on my Facebook page. The problem for me is that I’m falling a little behind on updating my Flickr account and Pinterest seems to be totally out-of-date so over the course of this week, I will aim to update those too.

This week holds a range of different tasks. Tomorrow I will have a shoot for a new customer here in the studio, nice and unexpected income which is always beneficial and sounds like I will have the opportunity to meet more interesting people as the contact is originally from Russia.

I’m not entirely sure that I will be able to post the results from that shoot due to the fact that it’s a paid for shoot, but I’m confident that they will come out looking great!



I’ve also been pretty scared by the fact the Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked from Top Gear for punching some guy in the face… as James May put it, he’s a bit of a nob, but I quite like him… Same applies.. okay, sure, nobody needs to punch anyone in the face.. especially someone who can, and well, did get you fired.. but I don’t think many people will be watching Top Gear without JC.

With that in mind, I’ve already heard rumors about a potential upcoming show that will feature May, Hammond and Clarkson.. if that’s the case, I’ll be watching it again.. for now, numerous YouTube videos and on-demand shows will have to do.. not that I watched it religiously, but it was always enjoyable!

So, thanks also to those who have been reading my blog.. I can see I’m getting a number of hits each day! On top of that, a few people have taken the opportunity to share their opinions directly to me in and outside of the office, so thanks again!!

Don’t forget there’s a comment section at the bottom if you feel like letting me know something but I’m pleased that people are interested in what’s happening so far!

So until next time, thanks again for reading!