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So! Some pretty good news! From April, I will no longer doing my “normal” boring job and I’ll be adventuring onto something completely different that will work alongside my photography and design work!

I’ll be the manager of digital design for a new company establishing itself here in Cluj-Napoca! This role pretty much just landed in my lap as I was taking photos for the company and they needed someone who can help them with designing and advertising. When you consider all my sites are developed by me and on top of that I manage my Facebook pages and other social network platforms, it was a pretty good fit for me and something I’m doing almost daily!!

So that will be starting on April 1 which means finally I will have more free time and for the first time since I moved to romania, FREE WEEKENDS!! That will give me so much more time to focus on my photography and other hobbies as well as having more time for myself and friends!!


For the first few days I will be working from home and then I will have the opportunity to meet the team and introduce myself!

I’ve worked on customer service positions for a long time, my first career was working for Apple as a specialist and from that point on I’ve been working in various other companies as a customer service representative or trainer etc. but this will be the first major career change and I’m really excited about it!


Although, I will definitely miss the people I met at this company, needless to say we had some fun, some pretty stupid fun too which helps pass the day but there’s always a time when we need to move onto other and better things!

Let the good times roll!!

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    Szabo Gergo

    26th March 2015

    it’s so awesome i like it 🙂

    • mm

      Aaron Roberts

      26th March 2015

      Thanks man! Glad you agree! Definitely what I’m looking for.