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Aaron Roberts - Photographer - Cluj-Napoca
Aaron Roberts - Photographer - Cluj-Napoca
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1st February 2016

It’s My Birthday!

Hello all!

So today is my Birthday.. yep, that’s right, I was born on this very day.. X amount of years ago..

X?…? Yes.. X.. As in, I think I’m going to stop counting.. Why? Well.. Why count? The last time I remembered truly celebrating my birthday would have been my 18th… and that’s because it’s a milestone, right? It’s that part where you go from being a “child” to an “adult” in the eyes of the law.. but what if there was no law to say you’re an adult? The fact I could then drink legally or whatever is the only true thing that I gained from turning 18.

Before I knew it.. 19 was here and guess what.. I still felt 18.. and now I still feel like I’m 19 or maybe 20.. I haven’t aged at all in my mind but I’ve definitely changed over the years.

Let’s have a little look shall we?



This is my earliest Facebook photo, me with my good friend Tilly, fellow photography enthusiast and somewhat my partner in crime in the UK. It was her sister, Fen, who was my number 1 model in the UK.



This was the last studio photo of myself that I took before moving to Romania.. Handsome devil aren’t I?.. maybe a bit too podgy around the face though.. that dropped off before I moved at least!



Ahh.. 2014, a year of so many great experiences and changes. It was in 2014 that I decided to move to Cluj-Napoca and advance my life in Romania towards another exciting direction. – oh and I love summer.



Finally, 2015. The last and most recent photo of me.. sadly.. still a little bit podgy around the face.. but something I’ll be working on this year for sure.

So what’s the purpose of this blog post you may wonder.. well, one purpose is to say thank you to all of those lovely people that have wished and still are wishing me Happy Birthday through numerous social networks and messages! Thanks a lot folks, your comments and messages are very kind!

The other reason is to quickly touch on the fact that since 2010, I have been shooting and growing my skills as a photographer and I really have managed to improve a LOT since the day that I started.

This image is made up of photos from all of the outdoor and studio sessions I have published in the past 5 years!

This image is made up of photos from all of the outdoor and studio sessions I have published in the past 5 years!

I want to thank everyone that I have worked with over the last 5+ years and just remind you all that it may have only been one photo shoot.. it may have been more, but each second I spent with you and even after during the editing process, I was learning something, something that made me even better. To you it may have just been some nice new photos and a great experience but to me, it’s shaping my life and helping me become even better at what I love doing.

So.. How old am I? Well, for those of you who already know.. forget it.. I’m counting backwards from now on, I mean it.. I really am. Age is a number, it’s not a lifestyle and after the age of 18.. it’s no longer a limitation.

For those who wonder how old I am.. don’t worry, I’m not old haha! Someone told me they thought I was 30.. after this I got a haircut.. I’m DEFINITELY not 30, but don’t worry.. I looked 30 with that crazy hair. (This is what happens when you move to a foreign country and desperately seek someone who truly understands what you want your hair cut like).

So, no more counting the years.. that’s silliness. Just enjoy being who you are, celebrate every single day as if it was your birthday because in a way, every time you wake up.. you are facing a new and exciting day that could even possibly change your life.

I never saw myself being where I am today.. and I STILL don’t know where I’m going to be next year. This year will be all about discovering myself even more, connecting with some great people (which has already began this year!) and continuing to live my life in a positive state of mind and trying to bring happiness to those around me through the person I am and through the work that I do!

So, as a final thought.. Maybe forget about your age, live to be the person you want to be and feel the way you want to feel regardless of measurements and comparisons. You can be who you want at any point in your life, it starts now and continues forever.

Thanks for reading!

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