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So!! It’s been a very busy for me since my last post.. I’m pretty happy with myself as I’ve managed to achieve a whole bunch of things.

So from the top.. here’s my week so far!

Back in March I ordered a couple of gadgets for my MacBook Pro so that I can finally give it a new lease of life! Poor thing has been hammered by me since I got it back in 2009 and it’s amazing that even to this day it is doing so well.. So I felt the need to reward it.. by “it” I obviously mean myself.


I purchased myself a 120GB SSD and a neat gadget called an “OptiBay”.. It actually allows me to keep my old 320GB drive inside of the Mac in addition to the new SSD.. so now I have 2 hard drives in there.. one for the operating system and the other for all my lovely photos! (almost 200GB)!!

The package arrived on Friday from China so I leaped onto the bus in order to go and collect it from the post office.. only to then realise that it states they will be closed at 3pm… I was already on the bus, heading towards the centre for no reason.. was way too happy about actually receiving it to read the notice. 4 Lei wasted and 2 days of waiting before I could finally get it inside!

Anyway, Monday came by quick enough, got up early (9am) and went to the post office to collect.. lovely lady didn’t speak a word of English but managed to get by on the little Romanian that I do know!

Got it home, fitted it and BAM up and going.. and OH MY GOSH.. it REALLY does make the WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! Check out the video! You’ll see!

Really pleased with the results as you can tell!

On top of this.. I have been working pretty hard for my new company.. from HOME for 2 weeks.. and this I’m quite happy about. I’ve been able to sit back and do what I enjoy whilst listening to music from the comfort of my own home!..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m working.. and what I’m doing is actual work and not just messing around.. The results are looking great.. shame I can’t share them with you as they are under wraps for now!

On the flip-side.. next week I’ll be in the office throughout the week. Will be very productive though.. a lot to get through including on Monday or some day next week a photo session for the company with one very pretty lady who will model for our advertising material!

But.. I also have this other thing that will be happening from next week.. which is going to be less enjoyable but certainly beneficial…


The INSANITY WORKOUT.. and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this thing.. but yeah, according to most people on the internet it SUCKS.. but with great results.. this also came from a friend who I can genuinely see the results in.. so for sure it’s going to be hard work.. but it will also be extremely beneficial to my body.. unless I manage to kill myself during the program.

I won’t be doing the dietary guide.. simply because I don’t know what half of these things are in Romanian and on top of that, I will need to fit this workout program around my work schedule! I’m not sure how well that will work but it’s worth giving a shot.. it can’t hurt.. but well.. it can.

I will be keeping you updated. You will help motivate me so by all means drop a comment, message or ANYTHING and it will be considered support.. apart from, “Hey fatty you will never do it and you will quit half way though or not even half way.” – This is not helpful.

Anyway.. Weather’s been CRAP! No other way to put it.. I think on one day during last week it was actually about 3*C! Which is NOT what it is supposed to be this time of year.. I know being British makes me particularly susceptible to the sun.. but this time last year.. I was BURNED already.


This was me in MARCH 2014… in March 2015 I was looking out the window and cursing at the beautiful SNOW and wind.. now on the upside, things are set to improve.. If they don’t.. I will move again!!

Today shows the first signs of spring with a nice warm day, I actually had the window open and was enjoying the sun’s heat on me as I worked.

This was blessed with a beautiful sunset, something I can definitely get used to but cannot wait until around June / July when those long summer nights will keep me smiling until the next morning!


So, until next time.. this is my update!

I will go and eat now, enjoy some more lovely “more healthy” home cooked food now that I have time to do this and I will check in with you.. probably next week!

Thanks for reading!