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Something New and Exciting!

30th June 2017

Oh boy! It’s been so long since I last posted here, that I almost couldn’t remember the last thing that I wrote about! Now, that’s not so good, if I’ve been doing nothing in the time between now and the last post, but fact is, I’ve been super busy!

So what’s the deal?

In short,  I’ve been so occupied with various projects and changes, that I cannot even believe that it’s basically July already! I mean, what happened to the rest of the year? I’m sure if I thought hard enough, I could figure it out…. so let’s try and summarise it.


Spent most of my month, waiting for deliveries to arrive…. which they did not. Clearly to my frustration:

Screw You Poșta Romană #postaromana #lost #aaronlroberts #bastards #3months

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Gas bill from January arrived, almost died when I seen the amount! And no, this wasn’t the quarterly calculation / inspection, this was the ACTUAL amount, as I’ve been entering it online.
Gas Bill in February: 681,54 Lei

But February was a GREAT month! Let me tell you why. In order to cover this horrible, monstrosity of a bill, I ran a promotion very similar to one that I did some time back with make-up artists and free photos!

The fact it, it went incredibly well, clients were super happy, and I paid the bill :)! Here’s a video:

On top of that, I also threw a little party at my place with the colleagues from work! It went down pretty well, complete with “Photo booth” which was actually just the camera, controlled via the Mac Pro and shooting remotely, with the umbrella flash! HA! Was a pretty good idea actually :)!

Me and Colleagues!

Also, I travelled back to Targu-Mures, to take photos of a new hotel which has been set up by a friend. It’s called Thuild, it’s pretty damn fancy if you ask me. You can check it out here: 

Taking Pictures of Food at Thuild


Continued to wait for packages to arrive. Good thing is, most of them did. Except one. One damn cable which I needed to connect a projector that I recently purchased, to the Mac Pro! 7.5m HDMI cable, ordered from eBay and somehow, Posta Romana managed to lose track of the item, despite the fact it was tracked arriving in Romania, around the end of January.


This was a pretty decent month! Although the HDMI cable STILL hadn’t arrived, and I was losing faith in the postal service, basically 80% of what I ordered had arrived, plus one extra purchase!

I managed to get my hands on a new graphics card (Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB) for a pretty damn good price and I set out on a project to get it working in my 11 year old Mac Pro!

Mac Pro Graphics Card Upgrade

It took 2 days and and a lot of trial and error, but finally managed to get it working! I actually ended up having both cards running n the machine in order to ensure that I could switch between Windows / Mac. Yes…. I have Windows installed, for GTA V. Which I purchased also in April and play WAY too much!



HDMI cable FINALLY arrived and I was actually able to connect the projector! Started to watch movies and stuff on that, definitely pretty cool, although I’m sorta confused as there’s something strange with the sound of voices whenever I play a movie. SFX are fine, but voices, quiet. Hmmm.

Watching Movies at Home

Finally, June:

Well, June is a big month and a lot has been happening! In fact, I’ve re-started a project which I was aiming to create over a year ago!

A website, specifically designed and targeted to English speakers living in or visiting Cluj-Napoca! I remember how hard it was for me to find out information, get things done and attend events, when everything was entirely in Romanian. That was in Targu-Mures, but in Cluj, I still find that there’s just not enough information for English speakers, about what’s happening in this amazing city.

So I’ll introduce it prematurely: Cluj-Napoca.XYZ


I won’t go into too much detail right now, this website will hopefully be one of the first places English speakers visit, to find out information about what to do, where to go and what to see in Cluj-Napoca!

The website itself is actually almost finished, and I have now have a few people on board with this project, plus some nice organisations who are also helping out!

I’ve even created a jobs board and I’m in the process of getting recruiters on board, and aiming to connect English speakers with their future employers! It’s really cool, I’m super happy with it.

The main website is here: but it’s still in development, however, it won’t be long until it’s up and running fully! (maybe you’re even reading this by the time it’s up) and the job board is already live!

It should be a really great resource, and I’m doing this entirely to service the community. It was super difficult for me at the start, simple things were mountains to climb in some situations and now, people who are planning to interact or set up a life in Cluj-Napoca will have a resource which will connect with them with the right people, give them the important information and keep them up-to-date with everything that’s happening!

Wrapping it up!

So, now do you believe that I’ve been busy? haha! Well, if you don’t, I’d like to see your idea of busy :)!

For now, that’s all, I’d love it if you guys could jump on the Cluj-Napoca.XYZ website, and possibly sign yourself up to receive information and updates about my progress!

Until next time! Bye Bye!