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Time to Live

By on 21st November 2016
Half way to happiness. Now it's really time to start living and working on my health! No fun being a fatass!
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My Untold Experience

By on 15th August 2016
For 4 days, Cluj-Napoca was transformed into the Capital of Night and Magic with Untold Festival. Here's my experience as a photographer for this awesome event!
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Day 2 – Feels like “The End”

By on 12th February 2016
So.. Day 2 of unemployment and this feels like the end...
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The Romanians Are Coming

By on 22nd September 2015
I've embarked upon a journey to change the mentality of those who immediately assume that Romanians are extremely poor, bad mannered and seeking to steal jobs from other more "developed countries" This post goes into some more detail.
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Untold Festival 2015

By on 5th August 2015
What an amazing event. I cannot even put into words how incredible this experience was and I only worked 1 day of the 4 that it was hosted! Cannot wait for next year!