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So, this year has been a very productive year in some respects, and massively unproductive in others. It’s true that you really cannot juggle too much at one time, in fact… I’ve learned that if you really want to achieve something, you must dedicate a large percentage of your energy and time to that one thing, and the rest just falls behind.

What am I talking about? Well, this year has been massively productive in the sense that I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve when it comes to moving apartment, buying new equipment and becoming financially stabilised.

But the tradeoff was equally large. I’ve put on weight, not had any time to focus on building any significant personal relationships and really haven’t been paying much attention to my personal needs, rather than my goals. It’s amazing how when you look back, these things really matter and I guess that’s what this blog post will be about.


As I’ve said, it’s almost impossible to find the perfect balance between goals and personal life. Some people aim for a successful career, others aim for the perfect body and the rest for the perfect family. None of these seem to be possible without sacrifice in certain areas.

My goals this year were simple, stabilise myself financially, get a new place and build up my photography. I’ve achieved this. However, the problem is; instead of cooking at home, I ate out. Instead of working out, I worked in. Instead of meeting people and building connections, I was too busy building my brand and setting myself up. Now, I have half of what I really want, which is still impressive.

The problem is, when you work towards your goals, you begin to realise that you can’t be entirely happy without the rest of the stuff. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is probably lying. Do you know anyone who can honestly say that they have the perfect balance? If you do, make sure you get them to start a blog.. It’ll be 1,000,000 times more successful than mine or others of similar context.

The Fix

Well, you’d think that now that I have most of the main stuff sorted… I can focus on getting back in shape or finding a girlfriend… right?

Wrong. Instead, I have to refocus my entire life on this new path and at the same time, maintain what I’ve already achieved. That’s not easy. This year, I haven’t even bothered with a relationship, due to the fact that I know that I couldn’t dedicate all of the time and attention that would be needed to sustain a healthy one. I haven’t managed to get in shape because I’m always too focused on other things, sitting there with a nice, cold glass of Coca-Cola on the desk as I’m working on my many websites! It’s amazing how eventually it adds up and you see a photo of yourself 1 or 2 years ago, and you’re actually ashamed of yourself.

I’m tempted to start doing some sort of fitness challenge. Put it this way, I’ve already started to track my food from today using MyFitnessPal!


If I can lose 20kg, I’ll be happy!

So, my goal is to lose 20kg.. In fact, you see that little meter? That’s going to update. I’m deadly serious about getting back in shape. In fact, I’m so serious that I will be trying to provide updates as often as I can on my progress. It’s a motivating factor to know that people are behind you and so therefore, I’ll be trying to keep this as public as possible. That way, if I fail, I’m not just letting myself down, but I’m letting down the others too!

You can find me on MyFitnessPal by looking for username: aaronlroberts or if we are connected on Facebook, you can find me by connecting with me there!

My food intake isn’t actually too bad lately, but I’m still cutting corners and buying things I shouldn’t buy. The worst part is, most of my disposable income goes on buying things that aren’t healthy. Soarma (similar to Kebab for my UK friends), Donuts, Chips (crisps), Cola / Pepsi – and not the sugar free kind either.

Overall, my diet would be fine if I shaved off those extras… and that’s sort of the plan. The funny thing is, I’d lose weight and gain money. So why aren’t I doing this already you ask? Well, that’s where the catch is.

Serious Motivation

I’m seriously unmotivated. Without a girlfriend or something like this, it’s just me. I eat crap, because let’s face it… it tastes great! Seriously unfair if you ask me, but this is a fact. If I had a girlfriend, well, I’d have another reason to get and keep fit, and probably a more fun way to achieve it. But moving on from that, it’s certainly one of the things which has kept me from doing this sooner.

However, as the Tinder matches slow down and so do I, then it’s time to wake up and realise that something needs to change! Not that Tinder is anything to use as a benchmark… that app pisses me off in more ways that I can say here. The thing should haven’t ever been created. If people weren’t shallow enough already, now they can train their shallowness in a “Hot or Not” style app. – You can’t tell if someone’s a great person if they work out and look like a badass… anyway, moving on.

So, will a girlfriend be my next goal or will becoming fit be the goal? Hmmm… well, there’s no reason these two can’t go hand in hand, but the one thing I know that I have control over, is my health and fitness. So that’s certainly my number 1 goal!

So, what’s next? Well…. cut out the crap, track my daily nutrition, eat 1,500 calories or less, and weigh in daily! Keep on top of my apps, do some lightweight but regular exercise and let the good times roll… instead of me ;)!

That’s it for this post! I know it’s been a lot less visually simulating than my usual posts, so to help out, here’s a photo of Jessica Alba! – and he’s had 2 children and is still hot as hell!

Jessica Alba - 2016