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Aaron Roberts - Photographer - Cluj-Napoca
Aaron Roberts - Photographer - Cluj-Napoca
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5th August 2015

Untold Festival 2015

What an absolutely incredible event this was and I feel so privileged having been a part of the final day!

I knew that this event would be an incredible event but initially I wasn’t as excited as I probably should have been.. I mean, one of my favourite artists was performing in my city of Cluj-Napoca.. David Guetta.

I enjoy many, many different kinds of music but David Guetta always manages to slam out some incredible tracks!

His performance was absolutely mind-blowing! Ranging from “Titanium” to the more recent “Bad”! Even now when I hear this song, I get goosebumps just from remembering the absolutely incredible experience of capturing that event.

Luckily for me, I was shooting on the last day and aside of performing a few tasks, managed to experience the final day of the festival with some great artists!


I wrote a post on my Facebook today as I watched some of the after movies of the event on Facebook and it just made me realise that moving to Romania really was one of the best decisions that I made in my life!

This place is full of energy, excitement, culture and beauty.. and needless to say, I am super excited about next years event in which I intend to take part from the beginning and hopefully promote the festival through my work as a photographer.

Untold Festival, Cluj-Napoca 2016, here I come!

Enjoy my photos from the final day by visiting www.alr-photography.com/untold/

And just to share the love, here’s a video published by Untold Festival of Day 4! (you might need to click to view as it’s embedded by Facebook)

Untold Festival Day 4

Together we are writing the Untold story one day at a time! This is the Fourth Day of Multiculturality! #untoldfestival #FourthDayofMulticulturality

Posted by Untold Festival on Monday, August 3, 2015

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