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So! I’ve been really absent from here over the past couple of weeks, for this I’m sorry. But many things have been happening which I am pleased to announce.

Firstly, weather seems to be on the up! Finally we are having some warmer and sunnier weather.. I hope that this is going to be an ongoing pattern!

It gives me the opportunity to walk to and from work which is good for my health as well as being generally quite satisfying.. except for that one hill that I have to climb… trust me.. that REALLY sucks.


So, things at work have been going just fine. I continue to be happy in my job but something unfortunate has happened recently which has really caused me a bit of a nightmare.

My SSD drive that I inserted just over 4 weeks ago to improve the speed of my MacBook Pro has just completely DIED. It’s absolutely useless which has seen me return to using the usual 320GB HDD again so that I can actually use my laptop.. just as well really because the OptiBay (knock off version from China) has also packed in.. but this seems that it could simply be a cable problem.. and not actually the drive.


Anyway, in discussions with the eBay sellers to find a resolution to this.. because I don’t buy things to have them break down.

On a massively positive note… and still on the subject of Apple and tech.. I purchased a Mac Pro! Finally got my hands on one of these badboys!

It’s an older model but honestly, it is firing along. The plan is to upgrade the processors and RAM to bring it up to todays demanding standards but it’s already coping extremely well with it’s 2x Dual Core (Quad Core) processors and upgraded graphics card. I’m ACTUALLY playing games again, which I haven’t done for a long time.

So, in addition to this.. I have been cooking.. A whole bunch of things as I have tried to make a small improvement to my diet which has been coming along steadily.. seeing progress in my weight also which is reassuring.. but as for the Insanity work out.. that was a no-no :(!!

Due to the operation I had back in Targu-Mures, it’s been recommended that I don’t do any high impact exercises and considering the Insanity workout involves a lot of jumping up and down.. I think that will make things pretty bad for me and therefore I’m sticking to improved diet and more walking!

This is unfortunately quite a short little blog but I think it pretty much sums up where I am right now and I am sure as the summer comes along there will be a lot more to discuss and share with you guys!

Enjoy yourselves!


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