Yesterday and Today

Personal Photography Portrait

So! It’s now officially April! – I totally forgot about April fools day until a friend sent me a message that seemed as though my account had been credited with money… very funny.. ha ha.

Anyway, today has been a pretty good day, with the exception that my internet was disconnected due to an apparent “unpaid bill” which was delivered to my old address, despite me informing them that I moved.

I spent most of the morning editing the photos from yesterday evening’s photo session. It was a very out of the blue shoot, only received a phone call about it literally a day before and then all of a sudden I have 11 beautiful women, make up artists and stylists in my apartment preparing for a full on evening of photo sessions!

IMG 0103 - Yesterday and Today

IMG 0110 - Yesterday and Today

  IMG 0108 - Yesterday and Today

Sorry about the poor quality photos, they were taken on my iPhone in between shoots! But it was a great opportunity to meet many people here in Cluj-Napoca and also the company that I was performing the work for. Now, maintaining my client-photographer confidentiality, I cannot elaborate on the details of the shooting but I am very happy to say that I’m super pleased with the results.

Over 300 photos ended up being sent to the client at the end of the session and that’s really not bad for an evenings work!

As for today, once the internet came back on, I knuckled down and focused on my other job as designer for the new company I’m working with, still thoroughly enjoying it, although had to extend my hours today due to the internet being out until about 3pm.. but what’s done is done.

I’m also waiting on a delivery for some parts to upgrade my MacBook Pro. Considering it’s from 2009, it’s holding up very well but this will give it the performance boost of a lifetime, so I cannot wait.

Tomorrow will spent setting up various social networking links, building some more site content and pretty much polishing the end product as I’m pretty close to finishing this current project for the company. It’s very rewarding and I’m looking forwards to meeting the actual team in the office next week, plus hiring some talent to support me as this project grows into other areas so that I’m able to focus my attention on the development whilst the maintenance is handled.

Well, thanks for checking in for the update.. I promise as I actually start to move around a bit more, these posts will become more interesting but for now, I have to put a lot of attention into my new job!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!